10 Legitimately Cute Shoes for Ladies With Wide Feet

Are you tired of cursing your feet? Have you felt ashamed when every time you planned to purchase a pair of shoes and you had to get a ‘Sorry ma’am, we have the size but they won’t fit your wide feet.’

 We understand it can be really embarrassing. Setting your heart on a pair of shoes in the store and then leaving with the feeling that you will never be able to have them is one of the worst. But, worry no more! Your suffering days are now over. All you have to do is look at shoes in your league. If you have wide feet, then you can pick ladies shoes with a built that can cover the wideness. Following is a list of 10 cute shoe styles that you can fabulously carry even if you have wide feet. Have a look and end your misery!

  1. Keep it trendy with Ankle Boots

You will fall in love with ankle boots if you are sick of rejecting shoes because of your foot’s width. Ankle boots cover your entire feet, making them look stylish and trendy, also they are perfectly easy to carry.

  1. Knee length boots: Your perfect fit

If you are looking for something classy and that can hide you wide feet as well, hurry and grab a pair of knee length boots that you can pull up with a crazy number of styles.

  1. Stay in style with Gladiators

Gladiators are the perfect match for your feet as they perfectly hide the width of your feet by the different criss-cross straps, leaving no scope of wide feet flowing out of your shoes.

  1. Strappy Wedges always to the rescue

Straps are what your wide feet need. As long as they are held beneath these straps, they are not going anywhere. Strappy wedges lift your feet and the straps hide the width, making them the best choice for women with wide feet.

  1. Tick-tock the floor with your Pumps

Pumps can help you disguise your feet. What they do is they elevate your feet from the ankle making them look lean, which they are not but create a deception for the beholders. They can be your perfect party wear where you do not have to be conscious of someone pointing how wide your feet are.

  1. Platform heels: your saviours

If you want to prevent the same situation from occurring at your workplace, your best card to draw are the platform heels which perform the same function and change how your wide feet look.

  1. Cover them up with Sneakers

A casual day with friends, but you can’t find a pair of shoes that can pull off your old school t-shirt and denim outfit that will also hide your wide babies. Worry not! Slip on a pair of sneakers and thank me later.

  1. Leather flats: Your everyday friend

If you wish to carry something easy and comfy, without worrying about your wide feet, you can without second thoughts put on a pair of leather flats.

  1. Flat Ballerinas: the cutest wear

Ballerinas can be your flat replacement of the high pumps in case you wish to wear something comfortable and easy to carry.

  1. Carry the crocs

Crocs are the new best deal for wide feet. They cover the width of your feet with their front designs making. They serve the purpose of floater sandals only much more stylish.

All of these shoe styles can be found online with you not getting to look for them all over the world. Now that you know, what will fit your wide feet best, go ahead and buy your favourite shoes online!