Essential Factors to Consider when Buying Dress Shirts

Dress shirts are essential wardrobe investments that men can make. Even if there have been many constructions and variations, their consistency remained since their conception. And as with buying wholesale blank t-shirts, you will wish to make sure you get the best price without compromising quality. Below are some things that must be taken into account when choosing a dress shirt.

Appropriate Collar Style

A collar is meant to frame the face properly accentuating the facial strength of a man while down playing abnormalities. For a collar, select one which is opposite your facial shape.

Types of Collars

  • Spread Collar- This collar is available in different angles and widths. It tends to reveal more of the tie or upper shirt than the point collar.
  • Point Collar- This is a commonly used collar style which is cut using straight lines that have a small spread. This collar is used on the dress shirt of classic men.
  • Button-Down Collar- This collar is attached to the shirt by a couple of small buttons. This is perfect for more casual surroundings. The buttons on this collar are always fastened.

Facial Shapes

The size and dimensions of your face and head must be carefully studied. A lot of various types of faces exist; however, for the purpose of selecting a shirt collar, we can classify them into a couple of categories.

  • Long and Narrow Faces-Heart, diamond and rectangular shaped faces can be classified under the narrow and long face. A small jaw line or sunken or thin cheek indicates that you have a narrow and long facial shape. For this face, a spread collar must be used. A spread collar’s horizontal lines will counterbalance your face’s long vertical lines by the jaw line and cheekbones.
  • Wide and Round Faces-A face that has sharp angles is wider at the cheeks, forehead and the jawline. Often, double-chinned faces are categorized under the wide and round face. For this face, a point collar is used on round faces to lengthen the wide and round face making it look slender and long.

Keep in mind that establishing the confidence that you need will certainly take time. However, with preparation and clear ideas the easier can be made a lot easier. You can be sure that you feel happier with the clothes and take pride in how you look. So whether you are buying dress shirts or wholesale polo shirts, you will wish to ensure you are buying what’s best suits you.

Author Bio – Joe Nelson is a journalist and blogger. He has met with various business owners including owners of those selling wholesale polo shirts.